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University of Porto StartUp develops a solution for autonomous buildings

University of Porto StartUp develops a solution for autonomous buildings
Executive Digest · 03 Sep 2021

The 'startup' Bandora Systems, incubated at UPTEC - Science and Technology Park of University of Porto, is working on a solution for autonomous buildings in partnership with the French multinational SPIE.

In a statement published on its website, the University of Porto states that the startup won the Open Data Systems for Building Environment challenge of the European program PITCCH, gaining the opportunity to work with the French multinational.

Entitled ‘Project Oddyssee’, the project aims to develop an autonomous building solution that "automates operation and maintenance without human intervention".

The startup also aims to adjust comfort levels to people's needs, taking into account "maximum energy efficiency".

Bandora Systems thus integrates the concept created by SPIE (SOS — System of the Systems) of integrating into a single platform all the existing systems in buildings, based on machine learning technology. The platform intends that all buildings will have improved their energy consumption by 2030.