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Volkswagen Financial Services establishes a technology hub in Lionesa

Volkswagen Financial Services establishes a technology hub in Lionesa
CBRE was responsible for the placement of the technology hub at Lionesa Business Hub.

Volkswagen Financial Services has installed a new technology hub in the Lionesa Business Hub in Leça do Balio, in the municipality of Matosinhos. CBRE supported the operation.

With a total of 1,100 square meters, and with a capacity to receive about 130 employees, the new technology hub is installed in a business centre that "knew how to adapt the office space, but also all the surroundings, by maintaining a balance between work, culture and welfare. On the other hand, Lionesa's project to double its complex until 2025 and the will to create an authentic business city there was equally important in the decision of Volkswagen Financial Services, also because the company intends to continue investing in Portugal", says André Almada, Director of Offices Advisory & Transaction Services of CBRE Portugal.

Volkswagen Financial Services has been present in Portugal since 2011. The company plans to hire 150 new employees by the end of 2024.