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Weezie opens its office doors to potential future employees and is recruiting

The open day will take place next Friday, 24 February.

Weezie opens its office doors to potential future employees and is recruiting
ECO · 22 Feb 2023
Weezie kicked off 2023 with a new recruitment and selection process that aims to double the team, reaching about 40 employees. With the campaign "This Is Not For You", the startup challenges professionals of the most diverse profiles to demonstrate that they have what it takes to be part of the team. The software company that offers fibre-optic network management solutions opens the doors of its office next Friday, February 24, for the first edition of Weezie Open Day.

"The year 2022 has meant a lot of growth for Weezie. However, if we want to be leaders in the global market, we want our team to keep up with this growth, so we are actively recruiting," says João Sousa Guedes, CEO of Weezie.

"The entire Weezie team is very excited to welcome young talent to our office and show what fibre we are made of. There is no better way to explain our team spirit and internal culture, so we decided to open doors and show it. But we warn in advance, this may not be for you," he adds, quoted in a statement.

The profiles sought include areas from technology - senior and junior - specialising in the back-end and front-end areas, to profiles for management, economics, accounting, finance, human resources, design and communications and marketing.

The event includes several activities to show how the technology works, quick interviews for candidates who want to be part of the team, career guidance and CV review, demonstrations of the platform and prizes. The open day begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. with a happy hour aimed at the different profiles sought by the technology company.

Currently composed of about 20 employees, Weezie is a software company, founded in 2018, based in Porto, which offers solutions for the management of fibre optic networks.