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Wise Pirates is in the top 10 fastest growing companies of 2022

The certification was awarded by Business Chiefs Insights, which highlights the maturity and excellence of the digital marketing agency. Wise Pirates has grown over 70% for five consecutive years.

Wise Pirates is in the top 10 fastest growing companies of 2022
01 Feb 2023
The new year couldn't start in the best way for Wise Pirates, which has just been included in Business Chiefs Insights' "Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies of the year 2022". This certification recognises the companies that have achieved the fastest growth and the Portuguese digital marketing agency is an example of this, since it has presented a 70% growth for five consecutive years. The focus on innovation and automation has contributed greatly to this evolution.

"Did I ever imagine we'd be here today? No, not so fast. But I know that part of this success is because we managed to gather, throughout the years, a committed, intelligent and curious team", says Pedro Barbosa, CEO of Wise Pirates, visibly proud of this recognition. "Although we believe that our focus should remain on our consolidation as a company, this consolidation should be accompanied by a balanced growth, as it has been happening until now", added the responsible. For this, one of the priorities will continue to be "teamwork".

Founded in 2017 and with a team of 120 employees, Wise Pirates works with over 500 brands in more than 100 markets (such as Brazil, Switzerland and the United States) in areas such as retail, finance, education and health, among others.

2023 is announced as a year with many novelties, as Wise Pirates is developing one of the most advanced automated data entry products in the European market. The company is already implementing it with eight customers, but will soon expand from Google to Meta and TikTok.