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21 May 2020
Critical Software has 15 vacancies for 100% virtual summer internships
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Critical Software will continue the summer internship program and has 15 vacancies for university students and recent graduates in the engineering fields who want to have their first contact with the dynamics of the job market. Due to the pandemic, the internships will take place in a 100% remote environment. Registration is open until June 5th and internships start on July 13th. Applications can be submitted here.

During internships, participants will have the opportunity to develop technical and soft skills and explore the company's business areas: Java, C, C ++, Angular, React, Javascript, embedded systems and critical systems.

"The world is changing, and we still don't know if the old normality will be established again. In this sense, in the same way that the pandemic did not affect our operation, we understand that it should also not affect initiatives such as the summer internship program. We already have everything ready to provide full support to the interns, with whom we want, above all, to share our culture and values ​​and show how the technology that they will develop with us can have a real impact in the world”, explains Filipa Carmo, responsible for internship programs at Critical Software.

All internships will take place 100% remotely, from the participants' homes. Despite recognizing the challenge, Filipa Carmo prefers to highlight the opportunity: "Although not ideal, the new modality will allow people from any part of the country to participate in the program without having to travel out of their regions".

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