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Critical Software promotes a Talent Program dedicated to Neurodiversity

Critical Software promotes a Talent Program dedicated to Neurodiversity
15 Jun 2022
The technological company Critical Software, in partnership with Critical Techworks and Critical Manufacturing, kicked off in May the second edition of the project Neurodiversity Talent Program.

"The creation of this programme was primarily intended to increase our talent base. We know that these people, called neurodiverse, have extraordinary valences of their own, which can be very useful and contribute significantly in our engineering projects," said in a statement to the Lusa agency Catarina Fonseca, coordinator of this pioneering programme at a national level.

For Catarina Fonseca, the Neurodiversity Talent Program "was another quite natural step in this path, because we realized that a window of hope was opening for parents, for young people and for the psychologists that accompany them".

In the first edition, which took place in May 2021, Critical Software received more 70 candidates, from which 10 were selected and received a five-week training course before arriving at the company, and seven were integrated in the work teams, three in Coimbra and four in Lisbon.

Founded in 1998, Critical Software is an international technology company, specialising in the development of software solutions and engineering services to support critical systems oriented to the security, mission and business of companies.

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