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Happiness Camp 2023: Corporate Happiness Conference

September 14th @ Alfândega do Porto

Happiness Camp 2023: Corporate Happiness Conference
Meios&Publicidade · 07 Aug 2023

After the first edition that gathered 6 000 participants, the Lionesa Business Hub, a multicultural and entrepreneurial business centre that hosts more than 120 companies, is once again organising the largest conference dedicated to corporate happiness in Europe, the Happiness Camp.

"Happiness Camp was designed with the aim of making our country one of the happiest to live and work in. Through this event, we want people to be equipped with the best practices to create happier and healthier work environments," according to António Pedro Pinto, co-founder and CEO of Happiness Camp. The list of speakers includes two dozen national and international speakers, divided into two main stages. Those who pass through The Happy Stage will explore happiness from a holistic perspective, addressing issues such as leadership, organisational culture and diversity, equity and inclusion.

On The Joyful Stage, conversations will revolve around niche topics such as office ergonomics, physical activity as a catalyst for wellbeing and the role of art and culture in promoting personal happiness.In addition to Jessica White, head of social impact, EMEA & LatAm at LinkedIn, Danny Robinson, chief creative director at The Martin Agency, will be one of the speakers, as will Neil Morrison, chief people officer at staffbase. Walter Susini, senior vice president of marketing at The Coca-Cola Company in Europe, is another confirmed speaker, along with Sunaina Kohli, global diversity, equity & inclusion leader at Asos. Farfetch, Vestas, EY and Great Place to Work are on the list of partner organisations, which includes half a hundred entities.

"We only approach companies that align with the purpose of Happiness Camp, that have something in common with our mission or that want to take the first step in this direction", guarantees António Pedro Pinto." The pursuit of corporate happiness requires a comprehensive approach that embraces a positive and inclusive culture, work-life balance, professional development opportunities and adequate recognition. It is about creating a workspace where everyone feels valued, supported and genuinely happy, so that they are then able to reflect this in their personal lives and in society", he explains.

The conference will also have a more playful component, dedicating three of its six areas to elements of happiness influenced by the host city. As well as food, there will be space for art and entertainment. At the end of the event, participants will also have access to a certificate awarded by the Happiness Business School.