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Official opening of 42 Porto with the ambition to be “the best technology school in the country”

Official opening of 42 Porto with the ambition to be “the best technology school in the country”
Porto. · 18 Jul 2022

It still smells new at the 42 Porto facilities, at Palácio dos Correios, officially opened on Thursday afternoon. The space where the programming school is located already has about 150 candidates taking tests, in the first of three "piscines” – the last stage of the selection until the beginning of the program, in October – which begun on the 11th of July.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the space is large and there are long tables filled with computers. The opening in Porto of the 42, which presents itself as the best programming school in the world, is still recent, but inside the activity is simmering. There, innovative skills in technology are learned, following a learning model that offers free training, without teachers, without timetables, without requirements.

The school in Porto is the 43rd opening of the 42 followed by London and Berlin. The goal is to continue to grow, underlined the director of 42 in Portugal, Pedro Santa Clara: "Our ambition is big. We believe that we are going to be the best technology school in the country.”

"The school is a civil society initiative with the support of a group of patrons. Porto City Hall has a very important role because it is the first time that we have a public institution supporting one of our projects”, added the responsible, addressing a thank-you to the first students of 42 Porto: "They are very special, because they believe. They are investing on a future career. Thank you for all the effort you have made.”

The official opening ceremony of 42 Porto was attended by the councillors for Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Ricardo Valente, and for Education, Fernando Paulo, who visited the school´s facilities and talked with some of the students.

In the end, before the guests headed to the building’s terrace for a more relaxed moment, there was a small conversation, moderated by Pedro Santa Clara, who addressed the importance of qualification and talent. Ricardo Valente, Critical Software founder, Gonçalo Quadros, and of SaltPay CTO Marcus Bronstein, reflected on the importance of technology for economic development.

"This project fits perfectly with our economic development strategy. The city wants to be a talent hub. Since 2016 we have developed a strategy to support talent, filling in what is not done by the traditional system”, said the councillor, highlighting initiatives such as Porto. for talent or Porto skills academy.

In the future, admitted Ricardo Valente, 42 Porto could be associated with an important landmark in the city, "This is an important educational project for the city, which is now in the centre of the city, but which I hope in two years’ time to be in the eastern part of the city, in Matadouro, an anchor project for the city.”

42 Porto has as founding partners Critical Techworks and SaltPay, and also has a group of patrons that include Porto City Hall, Amorim, BA Glass, Ecosteel, Sodecia, Sogrape, Sonae, Prozis, Vicaima, João Nuno Macedo Silva and Lionesa.