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Porto Leading Investor Fabamaq invests in Training its gamers

Fabamaq began as a technological startup, based in Porto when there was a demand for businesses capable of developing casino games. This tech company is growing and is committed to training its gamers.

Porto Leading Investor Fabamaq invests in Training its gamers
28 Feb 2024
Founded in 2010, it began with just over a dozen employees and now has more than 150. To train its gamers – this is what the company's employees are called – this software house has invested more than 100,000 euros.

Fabamaq will invest more than 100,000 euros in training benefits for its gamers throughout 2024, as part of the FMQ Graduation program. This program aims to provide employees with career advancement opportunities and promote the development of interpersonal and technical skills.

The Porto tech company is committed to offering its gamers resources both individually and collectively, which means that the FMQ Graduation program is divided into two distinct sectors: individual investment and team investment.

The individual budget includes digital courses up to certification programs, while the team budget can cover a wide range of products, such as game art, data science, marketing, programming, and project management.

In addition to this formal learning, this Porto company promotes an in-house culture of knowledge sharing for its gamers, through programs such as Talent Development, Leadership Development, and Knowledge Sharing.

Fabamaq has been physically based in Porto since it was founded. The company covers several markets, such as Mexico, the Philippines, Spain, and Ireland, with the Solverde Group being the only Portuguese recipient of the online games developed by the company.