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Porto Tech Hub brings together 40 tech companies

Porto Tech Hub (PTH), a non-profit technology association whose mission is to promote and develop Porto as a global technology center, closed in 2023 with a total of 40 member companies. This achievement was made when seven new organizations based in Porto joined the project, reinforcing the city's entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem and validating its position as a place of excellence for national and international companies to establish themselves.

Porto Tech Hub brings together 40 tech companies
porto. · 02 Feb 2024

This achievement emphasizes the association's crucial role as an organization that drives the growth and recognition of the entrepreneurial scene. The organization has been committed to creating initiatives to bring technology companies together, value talent, promote innovation, and stimulate the debate of ideas.


Throughout 2023, Porto Tech Hub was joined by companies in the areas of information technology outsourcing, IT engineer outsourcing, application software development, and workplace experience management, such as Decskill, ITDS, Wunderman Thompson, ISS, Novalogica, IWG, and Mobiweb.


Growth of the local technological ecosystem


"The constant expansion [of Porto Tech Hub] reinforces the association's fundamental role in the growth of the local tech ecosystem. The addition of seven new organizations for the year is not only indicative of the industry's expansion but also validates our position as a place of excellence for national and international technology companies to establish themselves," says the president of Porto Tech Hub.


"As well as strengthening Invicta's entrepreneurial and innovative community, this development also promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing, benefiting established companies, new entrants, and global organizations interested in Porto's dynamic market," adds Luís Silva.


Porto Tech Hub, created in 2015, promotes various initiatives and events throughout the year, designed to foster the technology community in the city, including companies, professionals, and communities. Among the various projects that have been developed over the years is the Porto Tech Hub Conference, an event that brings together world experts in technology to present and debate the latest trends in the sector, SWitCH Dev and SWitCH QA, programs that retrain professionals to enter various roles in the IT area and connect them to recruiting companies.