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Portuguese Women in Tech and Natixis promote financial literacy among women

The Women & Wealth conference takes place on 3 June, in Porto. Registration is open and limited to 150 participants.

Portuguese Women in Tech and Natixis promote financial literacy among women
ECO · 18 May 2023
The Portuguese Women in Tech (PWIT) community has joined Natixis in Portugal to organise the "Women & Wealth" conference, a day entirely dedicated to women and featuring around eight hours of various activities, such as financial literacy sessions, panel discussions and interactive workshops. The conference takes place on June 3, from 10am to 6pm. Registration is open until May 30, and is limited.

"As a community that has promoted, since 2016, actions towards achieving gender equality in a wide range of fields, we are aware about the challenges women face, but also the opportunities that lie in their path. Financial independence is an important milestone for everyone and, unfortunately, it presents itself as more difficult to achieve for women, due to a diversity of factors, such as historical or contextual," begins by saying Inês Santos Silva, co-founder of Portuguese Women in Tech.

"We hope that this initiative can be another important step towards increasing financial literacy and generating wealth, providing some of the knowledge and confidence needed for participants to invest in their career, grow their business or even create their own company," she adds, quoted in a statement.

Generating and managing wealth; increasing income; improving financial literacy and stability; and understanding financial products and services and personal finance are some of the strategies to be addressed at this event, which will explore topics such as budgeting, investing, salary negotiation and business creation. Emília Vieira, chairman & CEO of Casa de Investimentos; Sara Antunes, director of communication and content at Doutor Finanças; Ariana Nunes, founder of Renda Maior; and Sofia Rocha e Silva, partner at Brisa d'Aplausos, are some of the experts invited.

The event aims to be an opportunity for women to learn from experts and peers on how to build and manage their financial resources. In addition, it also aims to promote possible job opportunities through contact with other participants, experts and partners present, and there is room for networking.

"Since the genesis of Natixis in Portugal, we have assumed the commitment to promote diversity, empowering women to invest in their future, embracing today's challenges, whether they are still students or professionals in the market. Thus, we welcome another initiative of Portuguese Women in Tech, which I already applaud, where we will count on representatives of our company to bring to discussion relevant themes related to the financial independence of women", comments Etienne Huret, general manager of Natixis in Portugal.

The conference takes place on June 3, from 10am to 6pm, at the Natixis Centre of Excellence in Portugal, in Porto. Tickets cost 15 euros for professionals. For students, registration in the initiative is free.