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University of Porto launches pioneer degree in Digital Health

The School of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP) together with several other institutions in the Academy, is launching a new degree that is unique in the country, which will prepare professionals with skills suited to the new demands of the health sector.

University of Porto launches pioneer degree in Digital Health
porto. · 02 Feb 2024

The degree, focused on Digital Health and Biomedical Innovation, has already received unanimous approval from the Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency (A3ES) and will open for applications this summer.


With the assumption that the future of health will include a rising role for telemedicine, apps that help patients manage chronic diseases, artificial intelligence methods that support diagnosis and the personalization of therapy, electronic medical records or bioinformatics approaches that help identify mutations involved in disease, the new degree prepares professionals for these challenges.


"To meet these needs, professionals capable of bridging the gap between technology and health and with a new training profile are essential. Only in this way will they be able to carry out research, programming, consultancy, project management, and implement innovation," explained Altamiro da Costa Pereira, FMUP’s director.


The new course aims to provide students with practical skills through internships in health units, companies, and associations in various health subsectors.


With a total of 40 places, the new degree in Digital Health and Biomedical Innovation is being promoted in conjunction with the Faculties of Sciences (FCUP) and Pharmacy (FFUP) of the University of Porto, with the collaboration of the Porto Institute of Engineering (ISEP) and the Porto School of Nursing (ESEP). It also benefits from the collaboration of three laboratories associated with the University of Porto: RISE, INESC TEC, and i3S.


Candidates will be able to benefit from incentive and merit scholarships, funded under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).