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A nearshore center with a strategic location
Business service centres
Success Stories
Fabrice Segui Fabrice Segui BNP Paribas | France « Porto is a strategic location for the group in Europe. »
Idalette Cervaes Idalette Cervaes Bouygues Telecom Services | France « Porto is a city full of opportunities, full of promises for international companies like ours, that want to develop themselves and to recruit new talent. »
Ahmed Aboulezz Ahmed Aboulezz Concentrix | USA « Porto embraces so many different cultures and education establishments, we have been able to bring many diverse and highly qualified people into the business. »
Renato Oliveira Renato Oliveira ebankIT | Portugal « A city that, with the help of InvestPorto, has helped us grow from Porto to the rest of the world. »
José Veiga José Veiga euPago | Portugal « Porto's success, today, is a reflection of history. »
Manuel Bento Manuel Bento Euronext Technologies | Netherlands « Quality in the resources and state-of-the-art communications network and data infrastructures, which are fundamental to our activity. »
Isabel Ucha Isabel Ucha Euronext Technologies | Netherlands « Within Europe, Portugal - and Porto in particular - was the location that showed availability of talent at competitive costs, when compared with other alternative locations. »
Afonso Santos Afonso Santos Founders Founders | Portugal « If you wanto to achieve equilibrium and quality of live, professionally and personally, only in Porto. »
Ricardo Campos Ricardo Campos ITSCREDIT | France « Porto is a fun city to live and work in. »
Hugo Conceição Hugo Conceição Jumia | Nigeria « Why Porto? Talent, science and engineering. »
Ettiene Huret Ettiene Huret Natixis | France « Talent people, high level of education, proximity to European capitals and the generosity, the generosity of the place and the generosity of its people. »
Benedita Miranda Benedita Miranda Sitel | France « In Porto we are able to achieve a low cost services and at the same time with high quality. »
Frederico Barreto Frederico Barreto Sodexo Business Services | France « Porto is a talent hub, already recognized at a global scale. »
Marco Oliveira Marco Oliveira Uphold | USA / Portugal « Why Porto? It is very easy, 3 words: a big small city. »
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