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One of Europe’s must-see destinations
Success Stories
Celestino Fonseca Celestino Fonseca Chocolataria Equador | Portugal « The city has a very special charisma and us being here has precisely to do with that. »
João Teixeira João Teixeira LIV Student | Portugal « Being located in a big city like Porto, it is always easier to attract talent. »
Jordi Vilanova Jordi Vilanova Mercan Group | Canada « It is diffcult to think about a better place with a better hospitality than Porto. »
Bernardo Trindade Bernardo Trindade PortoBay Flores | Switzerland « Why Porto? It is the city of the moment. »
Jorge Valdeira Jorge Valdeira Regus | Luxembourg « A city to work, a city to live. »
Hugo Neves Hugo Neves Selina | Panama « Porto is disruptive. »
Nuno Godinho Nuno Godinho Yotel | Kuwait « Tradition linked to the country's culture and innovation due to the capacity to attract new industries. »
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